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Child Interaction & The Effects On Social Emotional Development

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Mindful Journey NY, An Introduction

Children today are at home for months now without direct in-person contact with their friends, missing vital components in their development. Our son was in Pre-k going into the Covid-19 pandemic when quarantine was put into place, cutting him off from seeing those faces he was so used to on a daily basis.

Going into Kindergarten, our son will not see these children again, and it is sad there was not a proper 'goodbye', instantly breaking that bond of friendship without any indication from their view.

Fast-forward 4 months later, he still asks to see his best friend from class, turning a balloon into his buddy, drawing a face and naming him after his friend from school. They go everywhere together and treats him with complete respect.

These are confusing times for our children, directly impacting the social emotional development in such a critical stage of their lives, along with their mental wellness.

I present the question...
What has your child created or done to cope with the abrupt changes in their world?
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