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Join Mindful Journey NY for a holistic approach to child development that meets children on their level, allowing them to be the navigator of their education.

Each offering is an intimate setting of only 7 children to maximize connection. We utilize a carefully curated environment with purposefully chosen materials. The program is strengths-based and emergent, catering specifically to each child in the program. We are influenced by Reggio and Montessori Philosophies, creating a child-led approach to learning.

Children will be introduced to early literacy and math concepts as they show readiness. They will also follow a carefully created Social and Emotional curriculum geared towards helping children make sense of the world around them in a developmentally appropriate way. Mindfulness and growth mindset are gently woven into the program, offering an all-encompassing early learning experience suitable for young minds. Our aim is to prepare a child for HOW to learn, so they are not only prepared for school but ready for life.

Our program includes at-home extension activities, newsletters, a web app for parents with photos, an online portfolio of development, as well as parent meetings to assess progress after each 3-months.

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"We must become the change we want to see in the world."

Mahatma Gandhi

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