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Our 2020 Story

This is our story; our family’s Mindful Journey in 2020

Regardless of race, religion, political views, and any other potential differentiator, we all share one thing in common, this year has brought a loss of our original selves.

With the turn into 2020, our family saw a potential start to move forward financially and begin to go into what we thought would be the beginning of our next chapter. Two car payments no longer a burden, full-time child-care expenses now saved and repurposed for new experiences, a new beginning to what

would be a less strenuous life.

Little did we know, this next chapter would be a story filled with 10 hospital procedures for our 12-year-old daughter to save her eye, a 5-year-old son who lost the only friends & the world he only knew, the loss of a life-changing career position, and the impossible decision to step down from a career that had a home for over 15 years to take care of her daughter.

With all the loss around us and divide in the world, nothing prepared the family for the most heart-breaking of feelings and experiences2 lost pregnancies.

The possibility of a happy moment to look forward to, a light in the darkness, a moment that could unite any differences any two individuals may have, quickly faded away.

The year is 2020, and we spent most of it wearing masks, keeping our distance, and going at odds for ultimately wanting the same thing… a better tomorrow and sense of self. A time when life would be back to some sort of normal, a moment where there is no darkness, but only light, light for which we can open our eyes and see nothing but clarity.

2020 has been the year that has changed all our lives, one way or another. One individual event has impacted the lives of millions, if not, billions of human beings. Unexpected loss of loved ones due to an unknown virus, loss of jobs, careers, professions… one’s own livelihood.


Now do not get me wrong, I am not looking to say my life has been more difficult than another, because whatever anybody is going through, our lives have forever been changed, and this makes all our individual worlds unfamiliar and difficult to navigate.

Having to take a detour in what was thought to be ‘The Road Ahead’ for our family, we knew sitting around waiting for change would not get us out of the darkness. Coming together with two extremely different career paths, they were now merged into one, Mindful Journey NY. Combining what helps us excel in our professional worlds for someone else, it was now time to do this for ourselves and build an Early Learning program focusing on the social emotional development in children, not only feeling like the right move, but building something that is needed today.

Tomorrow is never promised, and our futures are never certain, but what is certain is that we cannot sit in the darkness, we must find our way out into the light. And if we cannot find that light, maybe, just maybe, we can be that guiding light, bringing individuals together, and shining the light onto others in need.

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