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It All Begins Somewhere

Hey readers!

My name is John Seage and I want to bring you along on my Mindful Journey… my life.

Real stories, raw emotions, first-hand life experience… the only catch is…

The focus is on mental health and social/emotional awareness.

Let me open you up to my world, and somehow, try to support you in yours.

Growing up I was as an only child to a single father, best dad ever!! He always worked his butt off. Unfortunately, in working to provide for us, that resulted in me bouncing around between relatives’ homes, multiple school districts, not living up to my own potential. Wondering "what did I do to not have any sort of stability"… I felt as if I was destined for DOOM!

I didn’t know why, just did…

I have always been a little anxious… I was good at keeping it all in, being able to compartmentalize and putting on a brave face, say everything was ‘OK’.

Most of us do this in fear that if we do share our emotions and feelings, we will be dismissed and looked at with that parental 'side eye' every kid is all too familiar with, this easily goes for adults too.

Like we cannot feel a certain way for some reason... why aren't we allowed ?


Mentally it all took a tole early and I had no idea, no idea how it would shape me and my future.

I felt; inadequate, never smart enough... on my own...

I felt stuck, no sense of self, always trying to live up to somebody else’s standards… I couldn’t just be me; I was lost.


Now, I know and understand I am not the only one in the world who has been dealing with some sort of instability, negativity, or poor self-image

And that is one of the purposes behind the Mindful Journey NY community.

To do what somebody else did for me, share through personal experiences and make a true impact in somebody’s life, help fight the battle that is ourselves and our minds providing a safe space for our children and parents to learn and grow as individuals.

Depression and anxiety are real and can be devastating. But with the proper support and awareness, us as parents can help build a stronger foundation early on for our children.

We all have our own story and deserve a chance to share it.

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