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John Seage: Welcome

The name is John Seage and ‘Life’ is my experience.  Through sharing in my life journey, personal growth moments, and raw truths, I hope to help and connect with individuals.

We are not alone in our stories.

I would like to do something somebody once did for me; inspire the next generation of leaders to be more open, mindful, and independent.

Life has not always been easy for me. It never has been to be honest, but who’s life truly is?  The trick is finding ways of coping and resources that one can use to inspire and guide in a moment of feeling lost.  As a person who battles depression and anxiety, I find that writing and being more open has lightened that invisible “load” we all carry around on our shoulders. 

Meeting my wife Jenna has truly been inspirational, and although I put her through some annoying situations, she knew exactly what I needed to pull me out of the shadows.  As an ECE professional and student of life, Jenna does not stop learning. She is always teaching our family to better understand; not only each other, but respect for the world that surrounds us. 

My mission as an eCommerce Professional is to be by Jenna’s side and help bring this mission to life by providing individuals with a community that has access to Early Childhood enrichment materials focused on the Whole child.  Pair this with blogs, virtual and local classes, and online adult retreats geared towards mental health and social emotional development... we can create a more mindful society. 

I am super excited to see where this journey will lead, and grateful Jenna and I get to do this together!

John Seage: Meet the Team
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