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Jenna Samuelson-Seage: Welcome

Hello everyone!!!

I’m Jenna and I have been in early childhood education for over 15 years. I am a director, a teacher trainer, and my favorite job, being a mother. 

Most importantly I am a student of life, a day dreamer and a believer in ongoing personal growth. 

As I grew into the field of Early Childhood Education and my journey towards understanding social and emotional and brain development in children deepened, I was drawn to supporting this side of Education. Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) is only finally beginning to become a major buzzword in education and this is amazing, but we have so much further to go. Social and Emotional development is part of a Whole child approach to education that needs to be part of the major subject areas taught in school. 

Mindful Journey picks up where public school systems leave off.

My most notable accomplishment was creating an outdoor learning environment for the children at a childcare center for the Belmont Racetrack. Partnering with the nonprofit’s board, community organizers, parents AND children, we created a space for children to learn through the natural world surrounding them.

This holistic approach to education adopts the best parts of several important philosophies bringing them together for an education that is suitable for the Whole child.

This is a cornerstone for Mindful Journey NY.

My passion for purposeful social and emotional learning deepened when my daughter reached elementary school. She began to struggle in social situations and with her schoolwork, quickly being diagnosed with ADHD. By the time she entered 2nd grade, my daughter began to develop low self-esteem and self- doubt. I noticed my happy little girl slowly withdraw into her own worry. It saddened me that someone so little can have these big emotions that began to interfere with her daily life on a regular basis.

This awareness only grew as I watched my son develop these same feelings, but at a much younger age, his impulsivity challenges prevented him from participating in group activities as easily as other children. 

As a parent and a human, I have endured personal hardships that, like everyone else, have shaped my life. A few years ago I found myself with a somber outlook on life, trying to figure out "what's next?". Everyone in my family was going through moments of personal growth and it all felt too overwhelming. Relying on my knowledge of emotional development and interest in mental health, I dove into a journey to support myself. 

This is the only way I could be available for my children. 

During this journey I have realized the need to form a strong community, not only for our youth, but for our families and society as a whole

I am excited to begin this new journey and share my knowledge and support with others!

Jenna Samuelson-Seage: Meet the Team
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